About Christian R. Schmidt, PhD

Christian R. Schmidt, PhD
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Zoo Frankfurt: Frankfurt, Germany

Director Emeritus

Dr. Christian Schmidt obtained his Ph.D. on Behavior of a Zoo Group of Collared Peccaries at University of Zurich. He worked under the supervision of the famous Prof. Dr. Heini Hediger, animal psychologist and founder of scientific zoo biology. He continued to work with Professor Hediger as a Scientific Assistant at the Department of Animal Psychology of the University of Zurich at the Zoological Garden.

In 1966, he became Scientific Assistant, Curator of Mammals and Birds and Assistant Director at Zurich Zoo. In 1969 he started and kept the International Studbook for the Vicuna and was the longest acting studbook keeper. Dr. Schmidt became the Director of Zoo Frankfort in 1994 and created the first mission statement and master plan. He went on to develop new exhibits, among them Cat Jungle, Pampas, Seal Cliffs, and two Okapi enclosures. A new interactive information system – including special system for blind people – and volunteer system were started. Dr. Schmidt continues to lecture and write.